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What are the ideal applications for solar LED pavers and accent lights?

Landscape lighting applications, embedded in patio decks, pathways or walkways, around pools and anywhere else you wish to add some color without having to deal with messy wiring or increasing your monthly utility bill.

Why use solar LED paver or accent lights instead of traditional wired lighting?

It’s just easier. No wires, no monthly bill and no connecting to a grid. Solar LED paver units are ready to be placed in your landscape as soon as they’re out of the box. Simply install them in areas that receive unobstructed, direct sunlight and you’re all set.

How do they turn on?

Solar LED pavers charge during the day and turn on automatically at night via a photocell as soon as it senses a “night” environment. Try it out yourself by charging the unit in sunlight and then bringing it into a dark room.

Can they withstand the elements? (rain, snow, sleet, heat, etc?)

The Solar Cynergy and Solarpath USA units are designed for commercial specification and to withstand the elements from sunny Southern California to the winters of New York. Obviously they will perform best during times when there is plentiful sunshine so please don’t expect the units to charge when they’re covered in snow!

Can they be installed in shaded areas?

While they will still work, they will not be as efficient as when they’re installed in areas with unobstructed, direct sunlight. These pavers are still solar powered so the more sun the better!

My experiences with solar lights in the past have not been favorable, how are solar LED pavers different?

We assure you that these are not your garden variety solar lights that some homeowners have staked into the ground in front of their gardens and houses. The Solar Cynergy and SolarPath USA models utilize ultracapacitors instead of standard Ni-Cad batteries. What this means is that their life spans extend up to 10 years.

How do I install them?

Simply take them out of the box and embed them into your softscape or hardscape. For hardscape installations, you can either direct pour cement around them or drill/excavate a small area and drop them in after the fact. Clients have used epoxy or other cement glue to simply secure them. However, for backyard applications or private residences, you can simply embed them into your landscape and change their arrangements depending on your mood!